Sunday Bulletin

Please be in prayer for our Vacation Bible School Team as they prepare for this ministry outreach. Items needed at this time for crafts are:

2 liter green drink bottles

Empty cubed Kleenex boxes

                                                       Plastic Grocery Bags                                                                                    




The Easter Lilies are given to the Glory Of God

and in loving Memory of:




~~Rev. & Mrs. W. J. Jones and Rev. & Mrs. G. N. Ashley

            By the Family


~~Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Cannady, Mr. and Mrs. Granville Gainey,            JP and  Mildred Caison

            By G. F. and Sylvia Gainey


~~Mr. & Mrs. Horace Johnson & Mr. W. Henry Nunalee

            By Mercer and Pat Johnson


~~Our Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Miller &

             Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Bozeman

            By Don and Helen Miller


~~ Stewart Roberts

            By Bill & Marilyn Roberts and Will Roberts


~~Inez Holland White, Edna White Jones and Timothy Roger White

            By Roger & Mildred White


~~Harry Williams

            By Laura & Marcella Williams and Muriel Williams Callahan


~~Quinton Williams

By Anne Smith


~~Mary Yowell

             By Christy, Hailee, Hannah & Emelia





The Easter Lilies  are given to the Glory of God

and in loving Honor of:




~~Our Parents

            By Hampton & Teresa Faircloth


~~My Children, Grandchildren & Great-Grandchildren

            By Bessie Horne


~~Bessie Horne

            By Keith & Brenda Owen


~~Our Children

            By Randolph & Audra James


~~Rev. Patrick Dudley Neal

            By Diane Neal


~~Rev. Roger A. White

            By Mildred and Family


~~Clara Williams

            By Anne Smith